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DHOL - Percussion  instrument

This drum is found mostly in the Northern states of India and used mostly for folk music.  It is an integral part of processional music (marriages or religious).

It has a barrel shape (rarely cylindrical) and is larger than the 'dholak'.  Its body is made from different types of wood and is covered on both sides by goat skin.  The pitch on one side is higher than on the other.

The wood for the dhol is selected for its weight or tonal properties. The goat skins may be replaced nowadays, by synthetic films and these are held in place by raw hide straps tightened by metallic rings or turn-buckle keys.  The centre of the skin may be smeared by an application of a black tar-like liquid and this lends to deepen the tone.

The dhol, a layman's term for the host of barrel shaped drums are played by striking the skin with the hands or sticks (curved and straight). 

The dhol is most famous in the state of Punjab.  It is so ingrained in their culture that when depicting a rural Punjabi, an advertiser is hard-pressed to omit the tractor and the dhol in the same image.

In the Southern states of India, the dhol is conspicious by its absence and is replaced by the 'tavil'.

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Dhol Musical Instrument

Dhol Musical Instrument

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