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ESRAJ / DILRUBA - Stringed instrument

Peculiar to India's North, East and Central regions, they are generally used for accompanying classical vocal music and religious songs.

Both instruments are similar is structure having a sitar like neck and 20 metal fret bars.  The instruments are equipped with four main metal strings and between twelve and fifteen sympathetic metal strings.

The soundboard is made of stretched goatskin.

When playing the esraj or dilruba, the frets are not pressed as one would do with a guitar or sitar. The frets are used as a guidance  to let you know where the notes are located.  With these instruments, the fingers press lightly on the string above the fret. The player also can then slide the fingers up and down to create the characteristic portamento.

These instruments lacked popularity till the 1980's and almost became extinct and only of antique value.  However, since 1980, due to the influence of the "Gurmat Sangeet" movement, these instruments are attracting considerable attention.

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Esraj Musical Instrument
Dilruba musical instrument

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