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Ghagra / Lehengha Choli

The ghagra and choli is a traditional skirt and blouse like garment set worn all over India.  This form of garment is both, the everyday wear of the common persons particularly from the tribal regions and a heady part of the wardrobe of city folk.

The choli (blouse) is sown to a tight fit, leaving little room for a brassiere (designer cholis may be sown with a soft padding).  It is generally with short sleeves and a low neck and may be practically backless.  It is also short, exposing the midriff.

Exceptions to the tight fitting choli are found in Rajasthan and Gujarat where the tribal women wear the choli with a 'gypsy' skirt.  The cholis here are longer, loose fitting and can be heavily embroidered with thread and mirror work.

The lehenga / ghagra is a very loosely fitting, flowing full-length skirt and is sown using the full array of available natural and synthetic materials.  It is tied low at the waist, along with the short choli, exposing the navel and accentuating the hips.  There is no limit to the extravagance employed in the embroidery or printing, pleating or dying of the ghagra and choli set making it a selection of choice for occasions such as weddings and high end parties.

Appropriate Dress For Tourists in India

Indian National Dress:    Ghagra / Lehenga - Choli       Dhoti      Sari (Saree)    Salwar-Kameez       Pyjama-Kurta


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