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IDAKKA (EDAKKA) -  Percussion  Instrument

This extraordinary hour-glass shaped musical instrument is found in the state of Kerala in South India.  It is often considered a divine instrument and is played solo during the puja ceremonies in the temples.

The design and construction of the idakka allows for easy and convenient dissembling and assembling of its components. A completely assembled idakka is usually hung on the wall not just for its storage but as decor for the room.  Many foreign tourists having seen such a decoration during their tours in Kerala have purchased pieces for their homes.

Even though the idakka has two faces, only one side is used for playing and this end is identified by affixing colourful woolen balls.

Learners in Kerala begin by practising on a block of wood and a stick of the tamarind tree.  They have to stand while practising and have to repeatedly play different oral tunes that are very rhythmic in nature. 

The idakka can reproduce all the sounds in a language and therefore it is assumed that it can also reproduce in the hands of a master, all musical tones.

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