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Kurta-Pyjama (Indian Male Dress)

A kurta (punjabi) is a traditional dress item in the Indian sub-continent.  Sown or crafted from simple cotton to exquisite silk, this style of dressing with the 'pyjama' bottom is both daily wear and the chosen outfit for important occasions and is considered formal wear.

As can be seen from the images,  the kurta (top) is a like a loose fitting shirt, mostly collarless and worn over the pyjama (bottom).  The length of the kurta varies but it is generally just over or just below the wearer's knees.  The pyjama (pajama) can be replaced by ordinary trousers, the South Indian 'lungi' / 'dhoti' or even jeans.

Being the common man's outfit, sets of kurta-pyjama can be purchased from road-side vendors at throwaway prices.  On the other end of the spectrum, formal kurta-pyjama sets are tailored to exact fit and depending on the fabric and design can cost a small fortune but worth every penny.

Designed as a loose-fitting garment, the traditional kurta is cut form rectangular pieces of cloth with uniform width sleeves.  The sleeves are not cuffed.  To facilitate easy movement, the sides of the kurta are left unsown from just below the hip (slit sides).

The pyjama is made from the same or matching fabric and being loose fitting, is fastened at the waist with a cord that is inside the waist band.

Depending on the occasion, such as weddings, this outfit may be complemented with traditional shoes and headgear.

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Sherwani, Indian Male Dress  Sherwani, Indian Male Dress


Pyjama Kurta, Indian Male Dress

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