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NADASWARAM - Wind Instrument

The nadaswaram (nagaswaram) is generally played in pairs and is considered auspicious in India particularly in the southern states.  It is part of the orchestra for marriages and temple music.

The instrument has a double reed with a conical bore which like the shehnai, gradually widens toward the lower end. It is crafted out of hard wood.  The bottom may be decorated with a brass or chrome bell.

The nadaswaram is difficult to master as variations in tone are achieved by the player adjusting the pressure and volume of air into the pipe instead of having to just open or shut the seven finger holes.  It is played with the fingers of both hands.  This instrument produces a loud sound and hence most suited for outdoor performances such as procession.  It is accompanied by the percussion instruments such as the thavil.

In India the nadaswaram is considered to be very auspicious, and it is the key instrument which is played in almost all Hindu marriages and temples in South India. The instrument is usually played in pairs, and accompanied by a pair of drums called thavil.

Many European and U.S. musicians have studied the nadaswaram and some of them use this instrument in their recordings.

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