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REBAB - Stringed Instrument

The rebab (rabab) [lute family], is found in the north-western regions of India.  It is also found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Balkan countries.  It is described as an odd-shaped instrument.  It is intricately carved and has elaborate inlay work on its fret board and tuning peg board.   The rebab is carved from wood and narrows at the junction of the resonating body and the fret board.  The resonating body is covered with a tightly stretched skin. 

This instrument may be plucked like a lute or played with a bow.  The rebab (plucked) can have several sympathetic strings beneath the the four main strings.  It is played upright anchored on the floor by a sort of peg/spike or resting on the player's lap.

The rebab, is valued for its voice-like tone.

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Rebab Musical Instrument ( India )


Rabab Musical Instrument ( India )

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