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Salwar-Kameez (Indian Female Dress)

This garment, the salwar kameez, also known as the 'Punjabi suit' (loose fitting trousers / long tunic set)  is worn by women all over India in a variety of styles.  The neck and shoulders may be covered with an additional shawl like cloth called a dupatta which serves as a cover for the head or just as an accessory (see middle image in top row).

The salwar is stitched loose or baggy at top and narrows to a close fit at the ankles.  It is tied at the waist with a cord passed in the waist seam.  The kameez (top) is long and may reach below the knees.  The sleeves are normally full but do come in patterns with half or even no sleeves at all.  This tunic like garment does not open along its full length like a shirt, rather, it has a few buttons or hooks at the top few centimetres.  The sides are slit from the hip downwards to allow for greater movement.

Because the salwar kameez can be sown from a any fabric and styled in an unending list of patterns, it is worn as both party and everyday wear (an easier and more convenient garment than the sari).

Appropriate Dress For Tourists in India

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Salwar Kameez, Indian Female Dress  Salwar Kameez, Indian Female DressSalwar Kameez, Indian Female Dress

Salwar Kameez, Indian Female Dress

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