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SHEHNAI - Wind  instrument (Double Reed x 2)

The Shehnai is believed to be a refinement of the 'pungi' (which is used by snake charmers). 

Having between six and nine holes, the Shehnai is tubular in shape, widening marginally towards the exit end.  There is a quadruple reed assembly (two sets of double reeds) and the musician can render a wide variety of notes by controlling the breath.

It is thought to be lucky and so widely used for processions in North India.  The Shehnai is often played in Indian marriages especially during the time the bride leaves her parental home for her husband's.  The notes thus rendered tug at the heartstrings of many a 'well-married' passerby as she will remember the day she was in the bride's shoes.

As with the sitar, western musicians have used this Indian instrument for parts of their lyrics accompaniment.  A good example being Dave Mason of the Rolling Stones with their super hit 'Street Fighting Man' as far back as 1968.

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  Shehnai Musical Instrument

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