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SITAR - Stringed  instrument

John Lennon's guitar accompanied by George Harrison on the sitar with classical maestros like Pandit Ravi Shankar have made the Indian Sitar well known around the world.  It has almost become a fad or seems trendy to put in a few notes rendered on the sitar as background music for many western lyrics.

The main resonating body (may have one additional resonator on the neck) is gouged from a gourd.  To this is attached the peculiar long neck.  There can be three or four main strings and three or four drone strings.  There are a number of sympathetic strings lying below these playing strings.  The sympathetic strings are not played but resonate when the corresponding notes are played.  The player plucks at the strings with a 'mizrab' a finger plectrum made of wire.

The sitar is generally used in North Indian classical music accompanying vocals and seldom for solo performances. 

Being a complicated instrument, it is difficult to master.

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Sitar Musical Instrument

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