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VEENA-SARASWATI - Stringed instrument

The Saraswati-Veena is one of the most loved musical instruments in use in South India.  It is rightly called the 'Queen' of instruments.  Though simpler in structure to the sitar, it has unparalleled tonal quality.

This instrument has two resonators or at least appears to have two resonators.  The traditional resonating body is made of a wooden bowl that stretches on to a neck.  Sometimes, these parts are gouged from a single piece of wood.  The second resonating body (which actually does not resonate at all, made from light-weight cane or even paper) is placed at the neck of the instrument and may be used as a stand while playing.

The instrument has four metal strings and three drone strings.  There are no sympathetic strings.  There are 24 frets.  The instrument is played by plucking.

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Saraswati Veena  Musical Instrument

Saraswati Veena  Musical Instrument

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